How it works

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Teachers have found the best way to get started and see progression in your class is to do two or three activities per week, but pupils often want to do lots more! As you progress you’ll see lots of brilliant thinking and discussion skills starting to emerge, including improved vocabulary, enhanced observation and a greater confidence in sharing new ideas.

Designed to fit easily into your day

From exciting images and videos to more hands-on tasks, it’s easy to slot our activities into your day. Some teachers describe the activities as 'stirrers or settlers', calming the class after break time, or to get them energised in the afternoon, while other teachers have found them useful to introduce a new topic.

See how Explorify benefits…

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the world around them
  • Greater confidence to share ideas, discuss and work collaboratively
  • Improved vocabulary and creative description
  • Asking more questions to extend their understanding and knowledge
  • Applying learning to unfamiliar contexts
  • Enhanced observation skills, noticing details
  • Use of creative thinking to make links between ideas and justify them
  • Planning enquiry and solving problems

Progress over time

After 1-3 activities

Open-ended activities encourage better creative thinking and discussion.

After 4-7 activities

Improved observation, vocabulary and listening enables children to explain ideas more clearly.

After 8-10 activities

Increasing confidence, improved questioning and thinking helps children apply their ideas in new contexts.

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