Carry on watching winter!

BBC's Live Lesson on Winterwatch has stacks of links to Explorify activities. Use this handy list to extend the learning experience with your class, with an activity or two!

We watched the delightful Winterwatch #LiveLesson last week. It’s packed with science and we can’t recommend watching the replay enough!

There are stacks of links to Explorify Activities with the subjects covered, so use this handy list to extend the learning experience with your class, with an activity or two! 

More squirrels, please! Find out more about this popular garden rodent in Squirrelling away

Did you enjoy the golden eagle? For more info on Birds of Prey, try The Sound of Silence. You’ll be amazed at the owl! 

Watch Takeaway dinner and the discussion will bring further learning opportunities on diets and adaptation. 

Look at migration with the perilous Barnacle dive.

There are a lot of activities on hibernation in our article The science of sleep

Make sure you have a look at the sweet hedgehog in Prickly Pals! It’s one of our activities developed with Maddie Moate.

Take a deeper look at adaptations with this bumper list of activities: 

Perfect pinchers 

Amazing adaptations 

Unusual blackbirds 

Make a mark 

Members of the pack 

The drinks menu  

Mystery markings

Animals in winter

High-rise inhabitants 

Explore how animals have different roles within an ecosystem: 

The damselfly's day 

What if we didn't plant trees 

Bird feeders 

Getting stuck into pollinators? Try these: 

Busy bee 

Friends of flowers 

Feathery friend 

And finally, if your class are inspired by the questions about flight and feathers, try one of these three: 

Strange stripes  

What if penguins could fly

Paper planes 


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Image credit: Shutterstock