Get active with Super Movers!

Super Movers is a brilliant collaboration between the BBC and the Premier League and is perfect for combining thinking with exercise! 

We've matched up some Super Movers videos with the topics in these Explorify activities so your class can get active as they continue their science learning journey.

Rainforest dwellers 

In this Odd One Out activity see what differences and similarities your class can find between these three animals and then take it further with Andy's Wild Work Out in the rainforest.

Shadow shapes

Spark a conversation with this illuminating performance of light and transparency, then get up and move with Light, reflection and shadows from the TARDIS!

How long is the gut?

Measurement is a key part of scientific investigations. Inspire your class with fun ways to remember some of the metrics with the video "KS2 Measurement with Max and Harvey" which you can find over at Super Movers, then put their energy into this thorny question.

We hope you enjoy taking Explorify further in this fun way! 

Image credit: Pixabay