Gut instinct

Get your class thinking scientifically about how the body uses food, why we have teeth and how important exercise is, with these fun activities.

Food, digestion and exercise are popular topics in January, and there is a lot of science to investigate with your class! Sign-up or log-in to view all of these activities. It's free! 


What if... we couldn't exercise?

Challenge the class to think about the ways in which exercise is important

How would you measure the benefits of walking?

How could you test walking against other methods? Plan a fun investigation and get your class thinking like scientists.


What if... toothbrushes didn't exist?

Challenge your class to think what might happen if your class couldn't use a toothbrush.

Why do we have different teeth?

Can your class think of reasons why they have different shaped teeth?

Sparkling smiles

Start a conversation about how to keep healthy with these everyday objects

Food and digestion

Why do animals eat different things?

Omnivore, herbivore, carnivore? Plan a fun investigation to discover why animals have different diets.

Which breakfast is best?

What makes a healthy breakfast? Planning this investigation with your class will get them thinking like scientists.

How long is the gut?

Your pupils will be working as a class to answer the big question. What methods can they find to investigate and how close will they get to the answer? 

What if... you only ate chips?

Some would love this, but instinct will tell most that it's not a good idea. How will your class work out what the effects would be in reality?

What if... we ate insects?

Challenge the class to think about insects in a different way!


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