Light up your class with science!

Fire and light present many opportunities for a curious mind, so we've collated a series of activities to inspire your class to think like scientists when they see the fireworks displays this year.

How dull would Bonfire Night be without fireworks and what makes them light up the sky? Explore on with your bright sparks and take light further with BBC Teach's Terrific Scientific investigation.

BBC Teach: Terrific Scientific - Light

This investigation explores the relationship between light and shadows, your little scientists will enjoy casting shadows with coloured film and torches. 

Take the learning further with lots more light activities from Explorify.  

​​​​​​Exploding Lights!

Spark a conversation with this exciting video showing fireworks in a night sky.

What if we couldn't see colours?

A brain stretcher for older children to think about how their eyes perceive light. 


Explore how to put out fire without water. Introducing the role of carbon dioxide, this video will get your class thinking!

Fantastic Flicker

Candles aren't just for lighting up your pumpkin art. See how a candle can reignite without a flame touching the wick! Amaze your class with this video and take it further with the resources that explain what's going on. 

Spinning spiral

Propel your class into a conversation about how a candle can move paper.

Egg in a bottle

How do you get an egg into a bottle, using a match? A mind-bending activity packed with science! 

Spooky animals

Even the youngest children will enjoy thinking about these animals, that are most active at night and dusk. 


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