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Getting to grips with inheritance

Inheritance is a topic that many teachers feel a bit anxious teaching about. Read our guide and you might realise that you know a lot more than you thought you did!

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Explorify and developing key skillsĀ in Year 6

If you are returning to school before the summer holidays, you are no doubt wondering how to best support your pupils’ learning in the short space of time that is left.

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Can outdoor learning help when you return to the classroom?

Robbie Kirkman explores the role that learning science outdoors can play in physically-distanced learning.

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Getting to grips with evolution

Teaching about evolution can seem daunting and we worry about handling children’s ideas about this concept. But we’d like to reassure you that you know a lot more perhaps than you realise.

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Explorify during school closures

Find out how we are working to support teachers and children with their science during school closures and phased reopenings.

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The Primary Science Capital Project

 A social justice approach to teaching primary science    

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Explore the playful side of science with Michael Rosen and Explorify!

Michael Rosen thinks we need more play in our lives, and we couldn’t agree more! We have three new activities inspired by Michael’s Book of Play to help you become more playful in your classroom. What’s more, we have an opportunity for you to win a signed copy of his book!

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Go to Mars with Explorify!

A new Mars rover blasts off to look for signs of life on the red planet in 2021. We’ve got lots of new activities to help you inspire your little scientists to be space explorers!  

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Explore the science of the solstice

Let's look at the STEM topics you can cover when exploring both a solstice and equinox.

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Recycle Week!

We’ve put together a selection of activities you can use to explore the use of materials and their impact on the environment.

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