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What are the national curriculum expectations for science?

With a plethora of online resources and schemes of work available to primary teachers today, it can be easy to lose sight of exactly what you should be teaching. 

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Top 10 tips for new science leaders!

Are you a new science lead? We've got 10 tips to help you start the year with confidence and a brand new toolkit!

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Good science teaching starts with assessment

‘Assessment is not something that happens in the plenary at the end of a lesson, it starts with planning and should be embedded throughout your teaching.’ Sarah Eames from Sandfield Close Primary School shares her tips on how to do assessment well.

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The Primary Science Capital Project

 A social justice approach to teaching primary science    

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Free online CPD with STEM Learning

Our friends at the National STEM Learning Centre have designed a range of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) all about teaching primary science. They are packed with practical ideas to inspire curiosity and support scientific enquiry.

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PLAN – good practice in assessment

Robust assessement needn't be difficult when you use the PLAN resources

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Planning for science

Have you been wondering how to effectively plan science lessons to encapsulate knowledge, understanding and skills? Take a look at our planning examples for inspiration. 

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Better thinkers, better thinking!

Explorify supports your pupils to think like scientists – but that doesn’t mean it's only for science!

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Discover how Explorify can help with assessment.

Assessment is something teachers do all the time, yet assessment in science is a topic teachers often say they worry about. Let's walk through a teaching sequence about classification.

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Raise the profile of science across your whole school!

You’ve done a great job raising the profile of science in your classroom using Explorify, now let’s raise the profile of science across the whole school!

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Creating a shared vision for science – why and how?

Carla Wallington looks back on her first year as a Science Lead and reflects on the steps she took to create a shared vision for science across the school.

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Why are we supporting primary science with Explorify?

Explorify was created by Wellcome, who brought together lots of educational and scientific organisations to support primary science. But why is primary science important? And what part does Explorify play in a teacher’s journey? Watch this video to find out more.

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Meet the teacher: Ben Thwaites

Ben is an Assistant Headteacher and Science Co-ordinator in his Primary School. We spoke to him about highlighting science across the wider curriculum and across his local network of schools.

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Explorify your Staff Meeting!

Are you a science enthusiast looking to share the benefits of Explorify? We've written a presentation to help you  spread the word!

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