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How to update your settings

If you are changing schools, year groups, role or email address, make sure you follow these simple steps to keep your account up to date. 

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Try your new dashboard

Get to know our new user dashboard. You can save videos, write notes on activities you've completed and find essential articles to read!

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What’s Explorify? How can it help with my science teaching?

When did you last hear that something really good for teaching is free? Welcome to Explorify, a free digital tool to help with science teaching. Developed by Wellcome, a global charitable foundation, Explorify is used by teachers in nearly 10,000 UK primary schools.

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Choose your curriculum!

Calling all Explorify teachers all over the UK: you can now select the curriculum you are teaching and see activities tailored to it!

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Downloadable posters, stickers and certificates for your classroom

We’ve created some fab free stuff you can print and use in your classroom to help you and your class understand and visualise the progress you'll make on your Explorify journey.

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Download posters and stickers for a colourful classroom display.

New search function!

One of our most requested features is now live!

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Explorify your Staff Meeting!

Are you a science enthusiast looking to share the benefits of Explorify? We've written a presentation to help you  spread the word!

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Getting started with Explorify!

Welcome to Explorify!

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Explorify and numeracy: count the benefits!

Use these Explorify activities to build maths and numeracy skills with your class. 

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A pupil making observations

Literacy? Thinking skills? Explorify has got you covered!

Explorify and literacy: find out how our science activities support writing, speaking, listening and more.

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Jane: “The language as the children discussed the images was great…superb for observational skills and extending language choices”

Being nosy for science!

Your lowdown on Explorify's programme, from Louise Stubberfield, our programme manager for primary science

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Take a sneak peek at Odd One Out

Of our nine different activity types, this one’s a consistent favourite. Watch our video and see why.

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Two pupils choosing their Odd One Out. Everyone will get a chance to decide for themselves and explain their answers.