Winter is coming

Or is here already - depending on whether you're using an astronomical or meteorological calendar! As the Christmas holidays beckon, here are some fun and festive activities to keep your little scientists engaged until the end of term bell rings!

We have a bumper number of videos in this list to fill any gaps in the last few days of school this year!

Odd One Out - Animals in winter

Sharpen up your class' observation skills as they identify differences and similarities between these three wintery animals. 

What's Going On? - Rich pickings

Some of these fruits and vegetables are key to a hearty winter meal, (or to leave out for a hungry reindeer!) Will your class know which are harvested from above and below the ground?

What's Going On? - Barnacle dive

By human standards, these Arctic-dwelling geese require a brave start in life!  They must take a huge dive off the top of the cliff to the food below. Watch this amazing video with your class.

What's Going On? - The sound of silence

Whether or not your class are wondering how reindeers manage to fly without wings, here's an expert in flight. How can this owl fly almost soundlessly?

What's Going On? Shaking sensation

As teachers are thinking about the prospect of seasonal brandy butter, your class will be amazed at this transformation of milk to butter - all by the power of agitation!

What's Going On? Baking cookies

Now, this should encourage your class to help at home with baking in the holiday! See the remarkable change from a soft dough to cookies, in this time-lapse video filmed inside an oven. Pass the cookie jar!

What's Going On? Light and time

Explore the relationship between light and time with this video of different sundials in action. With the winter solstice approaching, how does this affect the function of a sundial?

What's Going On? - Take a whisk

Meringue anyone? What is the fastest way to whisk an egg white? What can your class learn about forces by exploring different tools and methods?

The Big Question? How would you travel around the globe without flying?

Those reindeers have it too easy, it's time for a proper discussion about transport! Get your class to collaborate in groups to plan an investigation to plan a route. "What transport would they use?" "How will it be powered?" we have many more questions to inspire their thinking.

The Big Question - How many stars can we see?

With long nights ahead winter is the perfect time for star-gazing. This investigation will give your class the scope to think like astronomers! Their thinking is really developed by devising methods that could be used for measurement and identifying obstacles that could make counting stars difficult. Why not choose some of their methods and run the investigation in the new year?

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Image credit: Pixabay