You've got the power!

Electricity will fascinate your pupils when you ask them to think about all the things it powers. Charge up your class's enthusiasm with these activities.

It's time to energise your class with the wonders of electricity!

Electrical appliances

This Odd One Out activity is great for observational and discussion skills, even for the youngest pupils!

Battery bonanza

Our second Odd One Out activity looks at different types of battery. what differences and similarities will your class find?

Inside out

This Zoom in, Zoom Out activity starts with a very close up view of a familiar electrical object. Then through a series of images, you see less of the detail and more of the object. Your class's job is to identify the object!

Curly coil

In our second Zoom In, Zoom Out activity, can your class identify what the coil is part of before the whole image is revealed? Build oracy and thinking skills as they wonder what it is.

Soak up some rays 

In this video, a toy car will move seemingly all by itself! Your class will need to work out what's going on! They'll see a solar panel car be assembled and then be powered by light. 

Super spinning wire

Spark a discussion with this video of wire spinning. Why is it spinning and what's going on?

Electrifying metals

Start a conversation about conductivity with this mystery bag of everyday objects.

Interesting insulators

And finally, can your class work out what these electrical insulators in a mystery bag are without actually seeing them? Some methods they can use are feeling, observing, listening and smelling.


Image Credit: Shutterstock