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Explorify is a free digital resource of activities for primary school teachers. Each exciting, easy-to-use activity will spark your pupils’ curiosity and develop their thinking skills.

Choose and go

We’ve done the work for you with easy-to-use, low-prep activities – all you have to do is choose!

The wow factor

Our activities feature high-quality, creative visuals and videos from us, the BBC, Science Museum and more!

Tried and tested

Curriculum-friendly concepts, conceived and approved by teachers and education experts.

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Teacher reviews

Explorify is something I would recommend to all teachers because it is such an easy way to get started, what you’re doing is building on those skills that children really need. You can be part of that exploration.

Cat Boaz

Primary teacher

You get the idea that science is much more about exploring our own ideas and supporting the children to find their own answers.

Melanie Jones

Science leader

It’s exciting for me too, because I can be doing this in ten years’ time and still be getting a different reaction from the class. That’s wonderful as a teacher, that’s a breath of fresh air. Couldn’t speak highly enough of it, I love it – and it’s free!

Heather Beattie

Primary teacher and
science co-coordinator

Tried and tested

Joshua Payne

Class teacher, Kent

The children love it. it doesn’t take a lot of planning on my behalf as a teacher, the activities are ready to go, and it’s just a great all-round programme. It has helped them develop in so many ways, through their social communication, their interaction with each other, their speech and language skills, their scientific skills. I think it goes beyond the scope of what it’s delivered to be, and it opens up so many opportunities for the children.

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Science Museum
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