Habitats around the world!

Different animals and plants thrive in different habitats. Let's take a look at how they live. Your pupils will learn about the world around them near and far and develop their scientific thinking as they explore the inhabitants.

A habitat is a physical environment in which plants and animals live. Let's look first at some of the different sorts of habitats around the world.

Australian animals

These animals are all marsupials (carry their young in a pouch) and they come out at dawn or dusk. 

Wet and wild

What differences and similarities can your class observe between these rainforest-dwelling animals? One may surprise you!

Savana sidekicks

Here's a fun Odd One Out activity for younger Explorifiers to explore animals living in the savanna habitat. 

Bottoms up!

Different animals rely on one another to enrich the habitat, like this dung beetle who hunts out elephant dung for food!

What if we didn't plant trees

Plants are key to life on Earth, this activity challenges your class to think about the importance of trees.

And from the soil, to rock pools and up to the treetops, here are some activities to get to explore what and how animals are adapted to living in them.


These soil inhabitants have a very important job, watch this video to discover what's going on!

Sandy Adventurers

Life as a baby turtle starts with a big challenge to get to the water.

Puddle pals

Animals who live in rockpool habitat have to survive quick changes between tides. What differences and similarities can you class observe between these three?

Swirly structure

Can your class work out what animal lives in this structure? In this Zoom in, Zoom Out activity, you start with a very close up view and see more in each shot.

The damselfly's day

The damselfly’s habitat like that of many insects contains many predators. This is an engaging look at where animals fit in the food chain, be prepared to be amazed by that frog! 

Finally, we can't look at habitats without looking in our own back gardens, and here's a spiky little animal who should all be hibernating by now:

Prickly pals

Happy exploring!


Image credit: Flickr: John Hilliard